Concept to Completion

The common problems home and business owners find around keeping to time and budget can be severely mitigated by utilising an in-house turnkey solution. Having your builder integrated into your project right from the start, working closely with the design or architectural team, is a closed unit with a strong basis for exceptional communication.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today if you have any questions or are looking for advice on how best to make this decision. Communication is a critical factor to any successful construction project, from which all decisions will hang. So, no matter the scope of your project, the more centralised your team, the more assured is your outcome.

Rogan Building has a dedicated team for any project, from architectural custom new homes, to rural properties, in town dwellings, commercial and government projects, renovations and extensions right across South West Queensland and New South Wales. From St George to Goondiwindi, Moree and Roma, we will provide you with a singular point of contact to ease the complexities around decision making, time management, communication flow, budget awareness and managing the unexpected.

Concept to Completion
Building Concepts

Getting Started

As you consider the features of your home and lifestyle for a renovation or new home build, or any commercial project, speak to an accredited professional builder right from the start to support how your dreams can come to life in alignment with your budget and time frame. You can contact us to begin with an obligation free consultation to discuss the details of your project, which will give us an opportunity to consider a working relationship together. In your consultation we will discuss:

  • Your designs, plans and dream outcomes.
  • Your lifestyle plans, needs and changes.
  • Any designs or plans you may already have.
  • Your budget.
  • Council requirements you may not be aware of.
  • How to read a builder’s quote.
  • Any other questions you may have.