New Home Builds

Building your family legacy on time and on budget. At Rogan Building we refuse to cut corners. This ensures the most inspired, high quality, professional, enduring new home build result, and your complete happiness with the finished product.

From the facade to the fixtures (everything you can see) right down to the slab and the insulation (everything you can’t see), your new home build will be executed with contemporary, quality construction materials, passive solar design and expert craftsmanship to build longevity into the structure itself, saving you time, money and heartache down the line.

When you step back to look at the final result, your new home must feel and look amazing – something you are proud of that turned out exactly how you wanted it to be.

New home builds
Kitchen design

Getting Started

As you consider the features of your home and lifestyle for a renovation or new home build, or any commercial project, speak to an accredited professional builder right from the start to support how your dreams can come to life in alignment with your budget and time frame. You can contact us to begin with an obligation free consultation to discuss the details of your project, which will give us an opportunity to consider a working relationship together. In your consultation we will discuss:

  • Your designs, plans and dream outcomes.
  • Your lifestyle plans, needs and changes.
  • Any designs or plans you may already have.
  • Your budget.
  • Council requirements you may not be aware of.
  • How to read a builder’s quote.
  • Any other questions you may have.